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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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the problem

There is a recognized lack of multicultural representation within company ranks and marketing messages.

Bold Culture is out to change that.

the solution

Bold Culture has the cultural understanding and access to multicultural consumers and talent. We can help you authentically tap into those markets.

the story

As minorities are on track to become the majority in America, multicultural communities are the leading influencers and affect buying decisions across the globe.
If you don’t work with those multicultural communities and create authentic marketing messages to reach them, your company is losing out on $3.4 trillion in multicultural buying power.

We Do It By:


Bold Culture provides market intelligence in order to educate agencies and brands on what it takes to create internal cultures that are both diverse and inclusive.


We help agencies and brands build teams wherein diverse talent feels welcome, can thrive long-term and advance up the ladder.


Through our work, we have been able to connect with the best, diverse talent in the country -- the kind of talent for which you are searching.

Our Team

Darren W. Martin, Jr
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ahmad Barber
Chief Creative Officer & Managing Partner
Biana Bakman
Chief Operating Officer
Juda Borrayo
Chief Digital Officer

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